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questions about taxesIf you own a business, then chances are the “fear of being audited” has crossed your mind.

Here are two facts about your chances of being audited:

  1. Your chances of being audited are lower than you think. A look at the latest IRS statistics for 2016 reveals two interesting and reassuring facts about the risk of an IRS audit.

One of these facts is that audits are becoming less common. The number of individual tax returns the IRS audited fell to a 12-year low last year, to just above 1 million. Audits have been declining steeply over the last five years, which the IRS commissioner said was due in part to declining budgets and a smaller workforce.

2. IRS audits happen most often to the very wealthy. The statistical chance of being audited increases dramatically for people of higher income levels.

For example, filers that made near the average U.S. income only had a 0.4 percent chance of being audited. That frequency doubled once annual incomes reached $200,000, and doubled again at incomes greater than $500,000. By the time a person reports $10 million in income, they have a one-in-five chance of being audited, according to IRS statistics.

If you own a new business, and are worried about being audited, call us with your tax questions if you need to find a new CPA. Visit our site for more answers!